Mobility Infrastructure in Slovenia - Meetup
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(Cover Image) Being mobile is a necessity for every member of modern society. But is it a necessity to move in privileged individual vehicles which make our carbon emissions skyrocket and make our cities less enjoyable? Infrastructure in most European cities was not meant to be used by those masses of vehicles day by day, so a lot of effort and funding nowadays is going into construction and maintenance of vehicle-centered infrastructure to ensure a comfortable commute for everybody on a daily basis.

At Smart Mobility Slovenia, we're all about moving people from A to B and all topics around this, from Business Models over Infrastructure to new trends and topics in Sustainability, Technology or Intelligent Transport Systems. Behind the scenes, Voyego's Innovation Lab is contributing with research, field tests and new ideas to pilot. In this course, we have started a Meetup Series under the name of Smart Mobility Slovenia to gather a group of curious experts and innovators as well as eager newbies to group up to explore the future of Smart Mobility.

For the past years, our experts in Voyego's Mobility Lab have been extensively exploring the paths of Urban Mobility in Slovenia and abroad. Along the way, we have already hosted a number of Meetups, gathering a variety of experts to discuss the different trends we saw uprising along the way from MaaS disruption over Blockchain towards social-oriented Mobility concepts. From very detailed expert topics, we felt it was time again to have a discussion on a higher level. Therefore, for Smart Mobility Slovenia's very first Meetup, we took a step back and invited a variety of experts in the field to discuss the concepts of urban mobility. How can we transition from a vehicle-dominated cityscape towards a more people-centered mobility system?

(Marko Javornik opening the first Meetup under the new name Smart Mobility Slovenia) (Marko Javornik opening the first Meetup under the new name Smart Mobility Slovenia)

The speakers and experts who contributed to this event were:

Prof. Janez Koželj, Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana, Ljubljana's main Urbanist

Milena Černilogar Radež, Ministry of Infrastructure, Sector for sustainable mobility

Matej Čer, Co-Founder of Avant Car

Maja Ambrož, Marketing Manager, AMZS d.d.

Klemen Koželj, Software Engineer, Voyego

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